Roofing costs are subject to changes over time

Making the exact roofing estimation is not possible because roofing costs are never the same. However, it is possible to make a rough, average idea of the total cost. On average, roofing costs are from $400 to $500 per square foot. When it comes to roofing estimation, the two things are very important:

The roof size (the larger the size the higher the cost)

The roof material (quality material will increase the cost)


People often focus on the cost of the new roofing but they forget that they have to spend on the removal of the existing roof, too. That’s very, very important when making such estimation. The best way to make the right estimation is to ask a roofing contractor you can rely on.

Before you install a replacement, you need to make sure how much amount you must first invest in the roofing removal job. According to estimation, you should get ready to spend $1000 to $2000 separately or apart from the main replacement as a new roof.

The best part is that most roofing contractors offer their potential clients free roofing estimation. So, you can get the estimation from at least three roofing contractors so that you can make a fair comparison but at the same time, you must keep in mind the material that will be used.  Before you go ahead with your plan, get ready for the following figures:

Minimum Roofing Cost $3, 500

Maximum Roofing Cost $25, 000

National Average Roofing Cost $6, 000

A roof inspector can also help you find out the exact roofing cost after they have inspected your roof thoroughly and obtained all the features and material you intend to make use of. The roof inspector will also help you discover whether you need to replace your old roof for a new one or the old one will work just by repairing it.

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